Always On devices plugged-in to TP-Link KASA strip

I decided to try TP-Link KASA strip and see if some of mine always on devices will be detected. I connected the DISH Hopper and Monoprice Network switch and some other devices. The Dish Hopper and Monoprice Network switch are always ON. Sense detected the KASA strip and displaying the devices in the app. The question I have, does Sense removes these items from the Always ON bubble since they are now display separately, or are they still included in the Always On bubble?

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So yes and no.
I say that because there is a current bug that Is making Always On and Smart plugs not behave as intended, or at least like they used to.

What used to happen - When you plugged a device that was always on into a Smart plug - at first, it would show up as a bubble. Then after a day or two, once Sense realized that it was an always on and had determine the always on, or idle amount, the bubble would disappear. The only time a bubble would re-appear is if its power usage increased. So for instance, I have a PC in the basement. After a couple days, Sense realized it had an always on usage of around 11 watts. But at night, I have that PC performing some tasks that cause it to use more power. So the bubble would reappear at night.

Now, as for the big Always On bubble. Once a device was detected as Always On, its power power DID show up in the always on bubble. So if you had an always on of 200 watts. You then move a 20w thing onto a smart plug, your always on bubble will still be 200 watts. BUT when you go to the devices tab to view Always on, it did show any smart plug detected always on devices as nested under the Always on. So you were able to see that out of the 200w of always on, 100w is known what it is.

All that said, it is currently broken. The always on bubble now does not include smart plugs, and always on devices now show all the time on the bubble screen. So it is currently not possible to know what your actual always on amount is.
Screen shot below. All the devices circled in blue are always on devices . Before the Always on bug, the AO bubble would have been around 280-300w, and all you would see if I took a screen shot would be the un circled bubbles.

Does that make any sense?


@dmitrysml777 see this post here. There are several people having the problem that Ben described.

What I’d do, is give it several days. Because at first, like Ben said, Sense will not know that the device is “always on” and will list it as being it’s own thing. But if the energy use stays constant long enough, Sense is suppose to move it to being a part of your Always On calculation. That is the part that is currently not working right.

I would give the post I linked a heart and then send an email to because the more open tickets there are on a particular issue, the more likely it is to be fixed.