Smart plug devices no longer under "always on"

Hi, my smart plug devices that are always on, like my router, are no longer showing up under “Always On” in the devices view. Before I did a data reset last month, it was working correctly.

Support says this may be related to a bug they’ve been tracking. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

Check the device power meter, which is not available on the webapp, but is available on the iOS app (and maybe the Android app). See if there is a recent (last 1-2 days) period of time when the smart plug device power was recorded as 0. If so, that would explain why they are not “Always On” right now, and see Smart plug power data glitches


I see the same thing for my network equipment as well. I have my cable modem, firewall, and a few other devices all connected on the same smart plug and it does not show under always on even thought it is always on. The device meter shows it has been on for 6days.

I have devices shown in Always On (left side) that are not in the Always On Devices. My Network smart plug for example. It uses 71 watts constantly day in and day out. It’s always on.

Hi, @ken2. Always On Devices are scrollable on the right side of the view, you should see any of the missing devices there. Discussing how we can make this more visible moving forward.

Yes, I know it scrolls. There have been times when the two columns don’t match.

Thanks for clarifying, @ken2. If you can take screenshots of both lists the next time you see the issue and send them over to, we can dive into the issue further.

@Keef71 Has it always been like that or only after a data reset? Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the TP-Link integration? I’m wondering if that might help, but I’m trying hard not to unnecessarily lose my data this time around.

@ken2, I have devices on smartplugs that disappear out of the Always On listing as well. But it’s somewhat explainable… Once Sense has sorted out the “Always On” power level of a device it enters into the “Always On” list when its usage is “close” to that level. I don’t know the exact range threshold to be categorized as "Always on. But if the usage via smartplug is outside that range, the device jumps back into the list since it is now in “active” mode. See below - a 6 W difference moved one of our Toto toilets from active to Always On.

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Yes, mine does the same thing as well. It’s the Always On Devices on the right side is what I was talking about.

OK - Had to grab my tablet to look, since the phone app only has the left side (responsive design). I have a number of devices that are on smart plugs, but never show up on the right because I’m guessing they don’t have a true Always On level. How could that be ? @ramon - this might be interesting for you too.

By the definition above, “Always On” is the 1% bin for the the previous 24 hours on a rolling 1 second basis. There are some situations where the 1% bin (the power level that is smaller than 99% of all the other samples and is larger than 1% of all the samples) over the past 24 hours was only hit once during the past 24 hours (that very sample). In that situation, there’s also a pretty good chance there were very few samples within the Always On range around that 1% bin value. I’m assuming that Sense is unlikely to declare an “Always On” value (on the right) if only 5 points out 86,400 (24 hours in seconds) are within Always On range…

Below are the hourly histograms for a couple of my smartplug devices that don’t show in the right column. Imagine the same for a seconds histogram. If the 1% bin hits in the middle of one of the “low density zones”, then you won’t likely have an Always On level for that device.

Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if your Network smart plug is at 71 watts 99% of the time. It’s what’s lurking in that lower 1% that is going to determine your Always On or whether you will have a declared Always On in the right hand column.

Washing Machine

Video Server Mac Mini

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TIL there are $10000+ toilets.


My device was a HS110 that has my entire network rack plugged into it. It draws a constant 71 watts 24 x 7.

No big deal. It showed back up this afternoon.

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Thanks for the update… Given how it Always On works, it is susceptible to one-time events that affect the 1%. The results (no Always On or some weird Always On) can hang around a while until the statistics re-establish themselves. Not say that was the cause, but thinking through what could happen.

I forgot to say, cue the toilet jokes :wink: Ours were about half that price, but my wife and kids loved them when we visited Japan, and the wife was a profit center, so it was her call…

BTW - they also require a specially located GFI outlet.

I have an Amazon Alexa that uses just 1W plugged into the HS-300 and that device is the only device showing up independently under the Always on. I suppose it will sort things out given a little more time.

@ken2 - Since your HS110 has multiple devices plugged into it, how do you have your HS110 identified in Sense? I have mine set as a Power Strip because of the multiple devices hanging off of it. I wonder if that has any bearing in the Always On calculation?

@Keef71 - I have it defined as a Power Strip as well. I have a UPS plugged into it which in turn has a rack mount power strip plugged into it. I don’t that has any bearing on the calculation as I have a number of HS110 defined this way with multiple devices attached.

It really isn’t an issue for me at this time, I don’t trust the numbers Sense is reporting. At least for Always On and Other. I’ve had an issue open with Support for a number of months on missing Other usage. I have a bunch of it every day (pool pump, air handler and etc.) that’s shown but unaccounted for.