Always on/smart plugs


My Always On usage has been a constant 256w. I assumed my aquarium’s air pump and filter was counted as Always On (since it is always on). So I got a smart plug to check that usage. Plugged them in using a power bar and soon saw a reading of 151w on the plug. Expected to see over time a reduction in my Always On. Today, to my surprise, I actually saw an increase in my Always On usage (from 256w to the current 386w). What could be going on? On a side note I continue to have usage that was being detected by a device now not be detected (but I guess that’s a different problem). Maybe over time it will get better but right now I’m not sure I could recommend Sense.


Same advice as I just gave to @senseinaz - look closely at the detailed Power Meter waveforms for Total Usage and from your smartplugs over the past 48 hours. I’m betting there might be dropouts affecting you Always On calculation.


When did you install them on the smart plug? Sense definitely should be subtracting them from your Always On figure, if they’re actually always on — are you sure they don’t ever cycle occasionally?

Yeah, as @kevin1 notes, data dropouts might cause this behavior, but there are other possibilities. That best thing to do here would be to write in They can dig into your data and see what’s happening.