Smart Plugs & Always On - Double Counting?

I have a Radon fan that’s always on, drawing 60 - 64 W. It shows up in Always On (as 60W). When I click on Trends > Usage, I see both Always On and my Fan. As far as I can tell, it’s counted twice. e.g. yesterday as 1.5 kWh/day = 62W, but Always On is also listed in the breakdown.

The percentages add up to 100 (within rounding).

Is the Always On energy usage of smart plugs counted twice in Trends > Usage? And also in the Devices tab?

My impression is that if something is always on, AND you have it connected to a smart plug means it will present in the bubble view subtracted from the Always On bubble, but it will COUNT in the Always on AND in the Individual records. I think its rather smart, as I have the TPLink product and I have it fake my Tesla charging even though I don’t have a 240v Power Monitor. When the app isn’t running and my car is charging I see Other representing the charge and when I run the app Tesla replaces Other. But when I unplug but the app hasn’t updated the Tesla continues to show, but the actual watts used drops by several thousand. So I think the bubble view is just what’s reporting and the log of usage total is just what was used and then individual logging shows the amount on each reported item and the always on shows the total that was always on for that day, but would add up to more than 100% if added with the Smart Plug

Sense does both. From a Bubble and Trend perspective, Sense does double count the Always On component of usage for devices on smart plugs. But Sense also gives you a tool to subtract off measured Always On from each smartplug, so you can see what part of the Always On comes from unknown sources, plus Sense gives you a way to account for the remaining unmeasured Always On.

Look in Devices with Always On selected - you’ll see something line this:

The part circled in red shows you the total known Always On, from smartplug measurements and from ones entered by hand. It also show the remaining unknown component of Always On.

What happens if you plug a smart plug into a smart plug? :innocent:

I saw both bubbles grow but nothing wrong on the meter view