Device is part of the Always On, but also dispays separately

I have a question about Always On devices. The way the app shows it right now it looks like it double counts the wattage. Let me explain.

In this image you can see that Always On shows at the top and indicates wattage.

When I click on the Always On, I see a list of devices.

For example: HP Laptop Power Strip is part of the “Always On”, but it also shown as a separate device in Devices lists. Does it mean that wattage for that device counted twice, once as part of always on and then also as a separate device?

Note there are several devices that are part of the always on and then shown as a separate devices outside of always on.

Sense-integrated smart plugs can also show up in Always On if Sense determines that there is an Always On component in the usage of the device(s) attached to the smart plug. There’s no double counting - Sense is breaking out the component of the smart plug usage that is Always On. From your Always On list, you can see that your smart plugs loads account for about 466W of your 598W of Always On in your whole house.

That 271W of Always On for your Garage Power Strip is part of the larger full load of 320W. Like with whole house Always On, there might be brief periods where your total smart plug usage is less than the Always On. But eventually lower usage will pull down the Always On for that smart plug if the usage remains below.

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dmitrysmI777… There has been a couple of times I have noticed with my bubble screen up that my summer frig in the garage will come up with split wattage with its own bubble and I think ‘other’ wattage. It was close to total wattage… Around 100 watts. This frig runs for about 3 minutes every 10 minutes or so. I only run it in the summer and Sense picks it right up every year. It was just in the last week I noticed it had split wattage. Again it looked to be total, But I really paid no attention it. This was on my desk top. I only bring it up for a few minutes every morning. Also I do not have any ‘Smart Plugs’. Hope this helps and I was on track with your question… My 2 cents… Gerry