No ALWAYS ON Devices anymore


The new update provided for always on to have a list of dedicated devices, for me, it’s was many on smart plugs. As of today, Always On does not have this list anymore. Nothing has changed so I don’t understand why they are now only on their own device line. Some of them would jump in and out of always on but others were there constantly.
Anyone else experience this?


I installed a bunch of Smart Plugs (TP & Wemo) over the last week and the listing hasn’t changed for me: Always On lists a subset of devices which in my case are all Smart Plug-connected.

Are any of the devices that were under Always On more that a few watts? I noticed that the jumping in-and-out is due to the threshold standby wattage setable in the Smart Plug … I suppose that is being factored in by Sense to determine what is considered Always On.


The devices under Always On has wattages ranging from 3 watts to 40 watts, double checked this morning and still gone. Well, on their own device line and not included where they were.


This can happen if Sense loses data and cannot calculate your Always On over that period. Give it 48h and Sense should re-populate that list.