Always on turns off

The Always On bubble is about 34 watts for 10 seconds and then it will disappear. It is “off” for about 10 seconds and then on again. If it is Always On then the bubble should stay on. If it turns off then that bubble should be something else and grouped with “other”. Any explanation what I experience?

That is strange since I thought that the “Always On” was a rolling average of the last 48 hours so it should not change that often. How long has your Sense been installed for?

Sense monitor was installed about a year and 4 months ago. When I turn on a computer that is connected to the Office Equipment strip, monitored with a Kasa smart plug the “Always On” bubble stays off. The wattage of the Office Equipment will increase of course. The power strip has also a router and other equipment connected to it that stays Always on.
Always On
It looks like that Sense sees the oops it is already counted in Office Equipment and turns it off then when it is off it wants to count it again as an Always On device.

Seems like an odd behavior. Always On is a function of the near lowest power on each of mains over the last 48 hours. I don’ think the value should be be dependent on what’s happening with your smart plugs, though they are reporting on their own slightly different Always On values.

If you are interested, here’s a bit more info on what this calculation looks like in real life.