Graph and bubbles dont add up

So I had to have an electrican out yesterday to tidy up some of my solar install stuff but the sense was offline for about a day

Today i put it back online
Then the bubbles and the watt meter dont match up.

I reset the breaker still the problem exists.


It’s not an issue with the Sense device. Read up on how Always On is computed - it uses data over the last 48 hours.

It will take something like 1/2 hour of zero usage in your house before Always On drops to zero (the lowest 1% of all the 1/2 second readings in the house have to go to zero, before Always On becomes zero).

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ok so that must work the same way on a return from an unpowered state and needs time to start calculating again ?

it looks like its back to normal actually so i guess its not a problem

Yes, the Always On calculation will also be “sticky” in the up direction. If you have had zero usage (or low usage) for along period, then start seeing a normal level of usage again, it will take time before Always On starts registering near your normal level. How long will depend on the “population” of the 4836002 = 345.6k Total Usage samples from the last 48 hours.