Always On missing but can't find a reason why

Sense shows as being online for 14 days according to our network management software yet the Always On bubble has gone missing. No power or network outages as far as I can tell. If Sense had a firmware update I would have expected the network uptime to reset. :man_shrugging: I will check periodically to see if it recalculates and shows up again.

Take a look at your Power Meter and see if you had any dropouts in the past 48 hours. Data going to zero can affect Always On, and you don’t need a network outage to get a data dropout in some situations.

It appears there is a single 7 minute long data outage in the last 24H.

Try 48 hours. More than 28min in 48 hours would likely be enough to zero out Always On calculation.

I went back about 96 hours and only saw the one data outage.

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So much for my theory…

Always On is now back and showing its usual ~240W.

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Glad it resolved itself. I would’ve expected another outage, like Kevin noted, so I’m not quite sure what happened here…

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