Always On is OFF

For the first time ever, I just noticed that “Always On” is off. I know this can’t be true, my vampires are still alive.
Any idea what’s going on? Thanks.

That tends to mean you have had a gap in your data sometime in the last 24 hours as Always On requires continuous data for the prior 24 hours (although it does seem to react immediately to powering down something that was contributing to Always On.)

Look back through your Usage power meter and see if that ties in with the above (i.e. you can find a gap in the data) and check it comes back in the next 24 hours.

If it doesn’t behave as I expect, shoot an email to telling them what happened. They can look at your data and help further.

I happen to think that this could be implemented better, by using the last 24 hours GOOD data to keep it going through an outage as Always On being OFF just does not make sense.

@BradAtSense - are you guys considering changing the Always On behavior in this use case?

That’s a great suggestion, @dave_n_s - I’ll pass this along!!

@jimsar9 - please do contact the support team if you don’t mind. It would be good to get this formally logged:

Thanks. Always On is back as a circle. Issue may be related to a message I received a bit earlier, “Sense is offline, check your internet connection” (I’m paraphrasing). I’m unaware of any internet outage, but it happens. So maybe that’s all there is to it.

Based on my experience and others, the most likely reason for Sense going off-line, if your internet connection has not been misbehaving, is the wifi link between Sense and your router. Worth checking what Sense thinks the signal strength is, rather than what your smartphone sees. Some of us have had to install an addition wireless access point to get a solid connection. You need to be within bluetooth range to go through the motions of selecting a new wireless connection and then you’ll see the signal strength via the Sense antenna and radio chip

Hi Dave, My Sense unit and antenna are actually mounted on the garage
wall, outside the electrical panel, and the wifi “extender” is also in the
same garage, approximately 20 feet away, no walls/obstruction between the
two. Signal strength is good. The only other device connected to that
access point is a Ring doorbell. Outside the garage wall is my Ring
doorbell, which is the reason I got the wifi extender. Otherwise, the
signal from my main router has to go through a metal door to the Ring
doorbell, but with an extender in the garage, it gets very good signal.
I’ll check the logs later to see if it hiccupped.

Thank you,


Are vampires ever “alive”…? :wink: :smiley:

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