“Always on” is now OFF


This is an odd one. My “Always on” category is now reporting as off, and its load has been moved to “other.” How to fix?



Please see my reply in this thread.

Let us know if your experience doesn’t match the scenario I describe


My situation matches the other thread. The always on device is back now. I’m not aware of any network issues in the time leading up to this, but it’s possible something happened.


Because of the buffering (about 6 hours), it would need to be a very long internet outage or a power outage to Sense, either of which you are likely to notice.

Therefore I’m going to suggest this is a data loss issue of some sort at the server end and recommend you send an e-mail to support@sense.com describing what happened and asking for an explanation. If indeed this is a system software issue, the more reports that they get, the higher priority will be assigned to working the issue.


Same happened to me yesterday. It was only for an hour or so, but it was definitely odd. Everything is back to normal now.

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