I've entered the "Always On" is off zone


Is this support case worthy or a known issue? I’ve seen a few others run into this.


It came back this afternoon.

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I was going to answer that Always On seems to right itself within a few hours. (worst case 24)


This happens due to a wifi outage. When you lose signal for a certain period of time, the average that gets calculated as your Always On is reset, thus Always On appears off for a certain period of time until it can recalculate.

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How long does the device have to be without Wi-Fi for this to happen? Sense has been connected to WiFi for 1 day 9 hours according to UniFi. I have no reason for why it would have dropped off 1D9H ago, but I bet about the time I said Always On came back this afternoon it must have been around a day of connectivity.

Most of my stationary WiFi connected devices are currently in the 12-40 day range for days of continuous connectivity. A few devices at 3-12 days but I know most of those had software updates that caused a restart or were on a circuit I turned off to install a new light fixture. All of my access points have been on for 25 days since their last firmware update.

Can we please conside some visibility added to the app for events of interest to correlate such issues?

  • Last powered on at
  • Powered on for DD:MM:HH:SS
  • Wi-Fi connected for DD:MM:HH:SS
  • Wi-Fi signal strength

Alerts from the app when wifi is lost/restored or the device just booted may be interesting as well. Right now as a consumer we’re kind of flying blind.

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I agree. Sounds like a very good idea.


I’ll pass that feedback on to Product. But it sounds fair to me. There’s always the possibility of giving our users too much information in Settings, but this sounds reasonable.

And I’m working with engineering to see if we can nail down exactly what happened here. You have a solid wifi setup so it doesn’t right that you’d get booted so easily, but strange things do happen with wireless signals.


They certainly do. You’ll have to forgive (or don’t… that’s ok too) my constant desire for detail. I’m not allowed to provide customers with answers w/o data to back it up in my day-to-day career so I often find myself trying to plug similar holes with every product under the sun I use as a consumer. :joy: I’m always thinking along the lines of “what piece of information would have solved this inquiry for me and prevented me from having to contact support and waste their time in the first place?”


And then you end up with a Settings page that needs an iPad Pro to view :grin:

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