Now sense only shows Other. Always On is gone!

All of a sudden all my usage is showing up as OTHER. Always on is blank

Always On can go away (to zero) if your home Total Usage drops to zero for 30 minutes or more during a 48 hour period. Data dropouts due to issues with the Sense monitor or your WiFi/Internet connection can produce zero usage, as well. Look at your past 48 hours in the Power Meter and post if you want more discussion.

With all due respect nothing has changed. Yet my display shows all as other where it used to show all vs. other. I have made no changes.


Sorry, but it would be more helpful to see your Power Meter for the past 48 hours than hearing that “nothing happened”. Obviously, something has happened. There might be a chance that Always On might have been affected by a download of new firmware or some hardware quirk, in addition to the possibility of 30min of zero data in the past 48 hours. But if you don’t post your past 48 hour history, there’s not much more we can speculate on. In that case, you’re better off contacting

I have some screen shots, but not sure how to upload them here (i’m on my desktop version now)

Ok found out how to upload. Hope these help

Short dropouts can be hard to spot. You might want to zoom out to Week view and pan around and zoom in. Occasionally the screen rendering in the web view can be a little fickle so toggle between the day/week/month views and then zoom in and be patient with the redraw.

You are looking for this kind of thing. [Ignore my solar waveform … I have one of the solar CTs also on my Mains]

Thanks for posting. Nothing in that 24hr stretch stands out. But you really want to look a full 48 hours back from the 7AM point of “Today” where Always On seems to go to zero. And as @ixu suggest, you might have to look carefully.

** I posted this earlier but apparently never hit send **

As of this am, Always on is back!!!

Twilight zone !!!


You’re lucky, Sense shows my “Other” but never reports it and any of the usage buckets. I think it’s inflating my “Always On” numbers, but not totally sure.