Always On and Other do not show up in Mobile App

I’ve had Sense for about 1 1/2 months. I’ve never had Always On or Other show up in my mobile app. I do have “always_on” in my web view but it doesn’t have the nice card view where you can track “Always On Devices”. Neither Other or Always On show up in the device list.
Does it take more than 45 days for these to calculate properly? I opened a ticket but the first interaction I had with support was not of any help.
Have any of you seen this before and know what I can do to get it working?

A few questions:

  • Does Always On ever show up in the bubble (Now) view on your mobile app ? On web app ?
  • What mobile OS are you using - iOS or Android ? I haven never seen a missing Always On on iOS.
  • Is there a chance that you have a 0 Always On ? That would mean that you have roughly 1/2 hour over the course of every 2 days where your whole house Total Usage is 0 or less.
  • Do you have Sense solar ? A mis-configured Sense can drive your Total Usage negative which will kill off Always On.
  • Are your values for Always On and Other in the web app somewhat normal - all non-zero and positive over time ?
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Thanks for following up. Let me know if I missed any of your questions:

  1. I’m using Sense on IOS on iPhone 13.
  2. Always On and Other have never showed up on the mobile app.
  3. I just realized I don’t have “Other” on the web app either, on the web app, it sometimes shows “unknown” but never Other.
  4. My whole house total usage is never 0 or less. I have a server that runs around 630w constantly.
  5. I do not have Sense Solar
  6. always_on in the web app usually shows in the “Now” screen as around 900w - 1000w it does not have any data when I click on it - device view.
  7. I don’t have an other (in web or app) but in app I have unknown which I show below does look like it has realistic historical data

Let me know if there is other data I could provide that might be helpful.

Very weird.

  • My Always On bubble in the web app is spelled “Always On”, not “always_on”. My color scheme is a bit different than yours.

  • The “unknown” power was deprecated in favor of “Other” a long time ago.

How does your version compare to mine?

I assume Version is software version but maybe it’s hardware version.

That version number is for the hardware firmware, not app. I’m on the same.

Strange. Thanks for checking. Do you think I should do a data or factory reset?

I’m not sure. I would try, making sure you indicate that “always_on” and “unknown” are showing in the web app, in place of “Always On” and “Other”. Though I do suspect that something in your server side configuration data is wrong, a data reset or factory reset wipes your whole history, so I try to avoid those at all costs.

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Thanks for your help. I am working a case with Support so I’ll see what they recommend next. I’ll post here if I ever get this resolved.

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How in the world did you get all of those devices to show up??? Especially since some of them could be considered always on?

Fair question,
Most of them you see there are on smart plugs, but I also have a fair number of native detections, especially for my largest (240V) usage devices. You can see a couple of those in action here - EV charging and Floor Heater / Dryer (2 devices but only one detection be tween them). My AC units and over are also picked up by Sense.

Just for anyone who wants a follow up, based on the advise of no one, I did a “Reset Data” from the mobile app and within an hour I had a proper Other bubble and by that evening or maybe the next morning, I had an Always On like all of the cool kids. It’s slowly going through and rediscovering my devices but I only had my Sense since the 2nd week of February so I really only lost 1 1/2 months of data.