Only have “OTHER” no devices, no “ALWAYS ON”


This is a new one for me. All day sense has been working well and my detections were showing up properly. Right around 1:00pm that all changed and while using 6,000 watts, everything is in “OTHER”. I don’t even have an “ALWAYS ON”.

The notifications and device list was correct just five minutes before.



Is there a corresponding gap in your power meter at about the same time everything switched to “Other”?



Now that I look, yes there is.
It appears I grabbed the screenshot right after it came back at 1:07z I also have one from 1:04 and it appears it started working again a few seconds into that minute. Just a data dropout?



Yeah, the same thing happens to me. It seems to be triggered by opening the app. I’ve had it where opening the app causes about 15 minutes of data loss leading up to opening the app. Here’s where I first open the app and see there’s data loss:

I left the app for a few seconds and came back into it, and the data loss happened again (note that it still knew about where the fridge had turned on, but had lost the power meter data);

Half an hour later I came back again to see if maybe it would come back, but by then it had even forgotten that the fridge came on:

When it happens, I’ve lost about 15 minutes of power meter data, and everything shows up in “Other” for a few minutes until it has a chance to figure things out again.

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I guess because there wasn’t a start signature and picked up mid cycle on everything, sense just didn’t know what was on. Still surprised me about the “always on” being blank. If it’s using a 48 average then a 10-15 drop out should have little effect.



That will do it. A half hour dropout will drop your Always On to zero for the next 48 hours. From various feedback I have received, the dropout doesn’t always mean Sense didn’t receive your data - it could be that the just the History view that we see in the Power Meter is affected. I’m hoping that someday Sense starts differentiating between NA (not available) and 0 values since they are not the same for purposes of calculation like Always On.

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My always on has returned. I do t when it did bits it’s been about 2 hours since the dropout.
It’s showing the same 506 watts it’s been showing since last night. It’s showing high as I don’t believe it should be that high. I’m wondering since I leave my Keurig on most of the time and it has a 245 heater that comes on for 5 seconds every single minute, if that’s being used also. I’m thinking because there is use in every minute that sense counts it as always on.
I know sense is taking readings at MHz level but assume the calculations are averaged at a much lower frequency.



Thank you for the solution @warmenhoven



Calculations for Always On are done on a 2Hz basis (1/2 second updates), so power samples are likely averaged across 1/2 second, just the same as in the Power Meter. But the overall calculation is statistical - every 1/2 second, Sense selects the 1% bin of all the samples over the past 48 hours.

So a Keurig coming on for 5 seconds every minute only injects 245 Watts into
8.3% of your samples. That shouldn’t directly affect Always On.

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