Always On turned off today

My always on turned off today.

Now with that said my solar system was connected today and turned on for testing for about an hour. (No production / net meter installed yet, system needs to be inspected and approved for production). I suspect this has something to do my always on being turned off. During the hour the solar was on this afternoon Sense showed no usage. Should I reboot the Sense? Suggestions?

I should mention all of my Always On load is now in the unknown bubble. Discovered devices are appearing as expected.

Solar is still disabled on my Sense and I don’t plan on turning it on until my solar system gets the green light to go online.

Well, if your power usage nets out to be zero or even negative for a while due to the testing, and Sense is baselining your usage without any knowledge of the incoming solar power, I can see why your Alway On would zero out for a while. Eventually (within 24 hours), the Always ON will be recalculated and unless your solar is feeding the house, everything should go back to normal (based on my understanding). My Always on has bounced around a lot depending on which devices are left on at night… One night I left some outside lights on and that doubled my typical Always On the next day.

Ok, that makes sense (no pun intended). Crazy that 1 hour of negative numbers causes the baseline to go off for the day.

Solar is shutdown until it is inspected and approved for production. Once that happens I’ll enable the solar in the app and have it do its thing.

It could be something else. My always on in the weeks before my system went to hell started dropping and having been around 300-400 watts and dropped to low double digits.

It hasn’t come back yet, I’ll give it to the end of the day and if it doesn’t come back I’ll open a ticket up. It went off when the solar came up and never turned back on.

Still hasn’t come back yet. Going to wait until my solar system comes online to open a ticket. Electrical inspection tomorrow, so I’m sure they’ll be turning it on for a short period of time. Hopefully the production inspection and certification comes shortly after. :sunny:

Always on turned back on today. I think that 1 hour of solar (with out solar enabled on the Sense) stalled the learning for the past couple of days. None of my currently learning advanced and no new devices were found during that time period. Now that could just be I’m at a point were it is taking longer to learn new devices after the initial week of learning. I was seeing a new device pop up every other day or so for what its worth.

Support mentioned to me that the time constant for updating Always On was around 24 hours. I would imagine if Always On transitions drastically over the course of a few days, that might affect learning, since the baseline is constantly moving.

Because of the “daytime dip,” or it’s inverse, always on gets thrown off quite a bit.

Here’s mine from a second ago:

It remains to be seen how this might affect learning, but I’d be curious to hear if you notice abnormalities once your solar is up and running.

My Always On just turned off last night, but without any apparent reason. The overall usage stayed the same through the night, but the portion allocated to Always On was just dumped back into the Unknown bucket. I don’t have a solar connection, so it’s not related to that component. It could be that something turned off during the night that had a similar electrical signature to the aggregate of all the Always On items? I’m not sure even sure how that would work because theoretically there wouldn’t be a known “turning off” signature applied to the “Always On” items.

Another thought that just occurred to me is that a few hours before the disappearance our internet modem was disconnected. The internet was off for the whole night, so it could be that either the lack of ability to communicate with the server threw it off or the monitor has started using the Network Detection feature to associate the Always On and the absence of internet threw it off.

Thought I’d mention it since it’s a non-solar issue with a similar outcome. I’ll see if it turns back on tomorrow.

We’re back in business. Odd

Glad to hear things are working as they should again! Its definitely possible that the disconnection of your modem caused issues with your detection. Let us know if you see this again.