Solar startup issues

I turned on my solar system and enabled the solar sensor today and everything is wonky. Usage is showing negative on web and not showing at all on the app. Solar production looks spot on. Also when identified devices turn on - they only show on for a few seconds then report off - even though they are still on. Thoughts? Help?

Hang in there. There’s historically been a server-side issue with solar installs that I thought had been corrected. Perhaps a recent update broke it. If you haven’t sent a tech support request in, do so asap. In the meantime, verify your install visually to be sure you’ve got everything in right (take pictures and post if you’d like).

Paging @RyanAtSense to the thread as well.

Saturday and Sunday utility power production meter showed total of 170kWh produced and Sense reports about 145kWh. When producing more solar than consuming, no identified devices show up as active including always on or other. Yesterday production meter indicated 101kWH produced and Sense shows 76. Also, phase A solar input always shows about 100 watts in the dark.

Have you opened a Support ticket yet? They can definitely advise. But I’d start by making sure Sense is installed correctly and your CT clamps are fully closed once your panel closes.

I have sent several responses so far. The CT’s were inspected twice but I will check a third time when I get home this afternoon. Totally not what I expected after a couple weeks of excellent operation and data before solar switch on.

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