Grid Flowing to Solar?

Hello everyone, I’m Len. I installed Sense a few weeks ago with the solar monitor as well. So far it has been enlightening to see what is being used and when since I am also on a Time of Use billing.

One thing that has had me puzzled. In the Now tab under Solar it seem to have the power reversed. It is showing power coming from the grid to the Solar. I looked for info on this and could not find in a search.

Welcome @lennyz116,
Maybe you can pos your post screenshots of these two views from your system. You can use the icon with the up arrow to upload the pictures.

Here is the screenshot. I could not add it before. Error said I could not add media.

Here is another

@lennyz116 , what time zone are you in ? Looks like we are seeing a nighttime view with no actual solar production ? If that’s the case, do you also have a battery ? That would explain the negative production - grid charging battery.

Eastern Time Zone

Time is show correct. I am “at the time of the screenshot” pushing 2824 watts to the grid. Another approx 375 watts to the home.

No battery.

You pic shows what I would expect. Power from the Solar flowing to my home and the remainder flowing to the grid. Mine is showing power from the grid to my solar? Makes no sense. No pun intended.

Also, Solar is connected to port 2.

I was thrown by the clock on the phone saying 3:07 and the trend bars looking like you are before noon. Given it being a snap from 3PM, the issue is likely a borked solar configuration that has polarities wrong for both solar CTS, giving negative production. If your solar production is reversed, that leads to negative Total Usage (= Net Usage from main CTs + Solar Production). Best solution is contacting

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Thanks for your help.

@lennyz116 , did support ever sort this out for you ??

@kevin1, it looks like @lennyz116 issue was sorted out within a day. Our Support team discovered a calibration issue with the mains and solar, causing @lennyz116 to see erroneous readings on the Sense app.

If you run into any other issues @lennyz116, please don’t hesitate to contact our team again!

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