"TO Grid" and "Home" Values seem to be switched

We recently had Sense with Solar installed and it looks like the overall calculations that sens is doing aren’t matching up. My solar is monitoring correctly but it looks like Sense has switched
the To Grid and Home numbers to the point where at night my home numbers read 0 or negative when you look at them on the Sense Meter. The To Grid numbers match what my outside electric meter is reading that my house is using. In addition, the Home use and Solar production closely mimic each other on the Sense Meter (see link to similar issue - Power meter showing 0w - #8 by baleitzell) and the difference between the 2 matched my To Grid numbers but that should actually be my Home number. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? The electrician and I verified the install is exactly per the instructions and I waited until sense corrected any errors post install.

From what I have seen here in the community, solar production “leaking” total usage (or usage mirroring solar production) is typically due to the Sense monitor slipping up during its auto-configuration. Usually solvable by emailing support@sense.com. They can manually reconfigure.

@parryfamilyri - did you ever get this solved ??