Power meter showing 0w

Start by looking at Settings > Sense Monitor > Signals and check each leg wattage on the Mains. You probably have a CT flipped. If a leg shows negative watts, flip a CT around.

You could also go over this reference if you have access to the CTs:

They are the same. But I received an email from support saying that they corrected polarity and now I have power usage that is more than double usual use and still have wattage decreasing as appliances turn on and in crease as they turn off.

It appears to be doing something with my solar…

This is the new setup.

Definitely something going on with this clamp positioning. Usage trend is following solar generation trend. Still getting decreases in wattage when things turn on and increases when they turn off.

Two things to think about:

  • Sense really measures your Net Usage using the main CTs, then adds the Solar Production from the solar CTs back on to produce the Total Usage power meter waveform. So problems with your solar CTs could leak back into your Total Usage readings. Can’t see the positioning of your solar CTs
  • If you have devices on in your house and the power meter is reading zero, then a few things could be going wrong. You might have a second parallel sub panel to the one you have the CTs on. My CTs are in the meter box on the other side, on the incoming pre-meter busses since I have a second sub panel. Or maybe issues with your solar CTs might be giving too small a reading on one of the two feeders to the mains.
    Definitely contact support.

Been going back and forth with support. I think I’m making it harder by moving stuff. I wish they would just call me instead of this email convo that takes ages. I’m beginning to think that I can’t monitor my pool equipment with this setup :frowning:

Check and see if one of the CT’s is turned the wrong direction
Sounds like you have that’s canceled the other out
I would also take the clamp on the right and move it above the 200 amp breaker. I personally like some separation between the clamps. And also make sure they are completely closed. Son people have resorted to using zip ties to help keep them shut tightly.

The clamps are the correct direction. I tried putting the right clamp above the 200A main. It was successful in detecting my pool equipment, but I got the crazy wattages where something turns on and lowers use while something turning off raises use. Very bazaar

I’m going to shoot you a PM.

The two lines at the very top of the box come from the meter. CTs should be there or on the bus bar below the main breaker. The solar CTs should go to the two line side taps at the bottom. My boxes are very similar to your setup.

Thanks Ken, that is what I was thinking as well (in regards to the lines at the top of the meter). However, I’m not sure I follow you on where to place my solar. The lines on the bottom where my Sense clamps currently are go into my garage to my main circuit breaker. Box #1 in the picture below is my sub panel that houses all of my Enphase IQ micro inverter breakers. It is also where my Sense monitor is physically placed (you can see the antenna at the bottom). The solar clamps are wrapped around the lines coming in from the roof (which are going up from the box). The solar production seems to be working just fine in the Sense app. It’s about 20kW off from daily production, but I will figure out that reason later (Enphase says I produced 96kWh yesterday as opposed to 71kWh in the Sense app). I’m not sure that placing the solar clamps on the lines feeding my house breaker panel (again inside my garage) would improve my solar production numbers in the app. Are you seeing anything different?

In box 2 there are two taps that the solar connects to your house power. It’s the two red circles I marked below. The two blocks that connect two small wires to the largest service wires. The two small wires should be your solar. Put the solar CTs around those two and see what happens.

Box #1 has two lines going out of it that go to box 2 and connect to your house service, the two red circles shown below. You might get better numbers if you put the Sense solar CTs over the two wires either in box #1 or in box #2 instead of all the lines coming from the roof.

Okay. I will try that and see what happens. The clamps on the busbar didn’t work correctly (giving me opposite effects from devices). I’ll set it up how you recommended and try. Problem I have is the left wire coming from the meter has too small of a gap to get the clamp around. I’ll try and report back. Thanks!

Yeah it will be tight on the left side. Make sure the CT fully closes.

The bus bar should work too. Maybe a factory reset to clear everything out and starting fresh will help.

Hope it works.

It’s not working with the new setup. The usage follows my solar production curve and when things are turned on wattage goes down and it goes up when they are turned off. I also cannot get the clamp around the left wire. The solar production is now almost twice as much as my reported production from Enphase. The detected A/C is now running as “Other” in this new configuration. I’m really not sure what to do now. I think setting it up on the busbars and keeping the solar ones on the cables like you recommended with a factory reset is worth a try. Waiting for support to help :frowning:

I can see in the second image that you have the CTs opposing one another … “sun” should face the same way relative to current direction … unless the polarity is auto-mod’ing.

Check the Settings > Signals and verify.

It looks like you have the 240v source to feed SENSE in box # 1. I would move that to box #2. I can’t tell for sure but if you shut the solar off, box #3, that may shut down SENSE.

Few things, some of which were mentioned above.

Solar CTs must be same direction, the Sun on both point the same way. Same as the other two CTs.

Breaker for Sense needs to be in box 2 by the meter.

Are the CTs connected in right spot on Sense?

If you remove the Solar CTs does the consumption read correctly?

May e defective unit.