Sense showing 0w on the Now Page for electricity being used

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I noticed that on the Now page sense shows watts generated by solar, but 0w for electricity being used, even though it shows the bubble for devices that drawing power. I checked the status and is seems that both mains working correctly. Any ideas why it shows 0w?

Something is off in your pictures.
Normally solar equipment produces 240 Volt and L1 & L2 should be equal.
In your case L1 show 912 watt and L2 shows 3885 watt.

A few possibilities:
You are using “old school” PV technology that works with 120 volt (doubt that)
You have an AIO (all in one) inverter (sol-ark/luxpowertek) that Sense willingly is incompatible with.
You have a different hookup than normal.

Can you tell us a bit more what equipment you are using ?

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Did it ever work?

Yes, it was working before. I did not change anything. I noticed that is stopped working recently. As you can see it shows all the usage bubbles.

Hard to tell what is going on. As @dannyterhaar suggests, most solar systems produce about equally per leg. My best guess is that one of you solar CTs has opened up a bit, which substantially reduces the amount of current / power seen on that leg. That would substantially reduce the mains on that leg by an equivalent amount. You have about a 3000W difference between solar feeds. If both were producing the same, your Mains usage on the one that is currently negative would be something like 1300W which would be reasonable. So inspect your solar CTs and the plug into the middle port.

If all looks good, contact

I am having the same issue and have just contacted support.

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