"Other" disappeared?


New install last Friday. So far things seem to be going normally from what I’ve read here. THis morning my “Other” category is gone, well almost. Up to now it’s been a very large item because so many things are undiscovered. Now it’s gone except a couple of times each minute it pops up, but very small (<100W vs. 1000-5000W). Looking at history, the change happened right at 12:00 AM EST. Also, I had a mystery heat device that’s now gone too.

Should I try power cycling the Sense device?


Well it’s back now… Not 2 minutes after I posted the last message it’s back, but much smaller overall. Mystery heat device still MIA.

“Other” now sitting around 250W vs 1000-5000W yesterday and now new devices added since yesterday to account for the missing “Other”.

For what it’s worth, the “Always On” has stayed constant.

My total usage right now is around 600W, which I know can’t be right, I’m sitting next to 3 running computers, plus all the other stuff that’s on in the house. My UPS tells me I’m using 270W just for one computer.


Power cycled Sense and “Other” still messed up… Right now “Other” is zero, but it jumped to 3KW when the HVAC air handler came on. Total usage reading around 600W can’t be correct…

I guess it’s early days I have will have to let it do it’s thing and see how it goes…


the waiting and watching is the hardest part about Sense. !


The “Always On” category is a strange beast. In order for a device to be put in the always on category, it has to be on for a long time. Hence, when a device first turns on or off, it may take a couple days for “Always On” to change to a higher or lower value.

In the mean time, Sense tries to make sense of things by adjusting the “Other” category to try to make all the bubbles sum up to the total power drain reported by the CVTs. So lets say a device drawing 500 watts is lumped into the “always On” category suddenly turns off. The “always On” bubble wont be updated for a couple days so it stays at its old value but to make the bubbles sum up to the total power drain, “Other” is decreased by 500 watts. In a few days “Always On” will shrink by 500 watts and “Other” will go back to its usual value. But in the mean time “Other” will be much smaller and may even go to zero.

So I would chalk your experience up to Sense getting to learn your house and moving things into and out of the “Always On” category. Since it takes a day or so for the size of the “Always On” bubble to be changed, compared to the instantaneous change of the CVTs, “Other” has to shrink or grow to compensate for the time lag.


Thanks dmagerl for the info. Any idea why my total usage is not reporting correctly? I’m reading around 650W (unless the HVAC kicks on, etc) and I know that can’t be right because of the devices I know are on add up to more than 650W. I wish it were true, but it’s not :wink:


Hey @frogfruit,

If you think your usage isn’t being reported properly, I’d reach out to our technical support team (https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) so that they can take a closer look at your data. When it comes to energy consumption monitoring, Sense is very accurate, so if you see something you know is off, definitely check with support.

In terms of the Always On, it draws from the previous 24 hours to determine the number.


Sorry for the delay, flu…

Ben, no need for a ticket, “Other” seems to have figured itself out and it’s now large enough that I don’t question it. My mystery heat device also came back. After a full week I have 7 devices discovered. 5 I’ve confirmed (2 fridges, Garage door, water heater, and a well pump), 1 I’m not sure about (HVAC), and 1 mystery.


Glad to hear it. Hope you’re feeling better!

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