Two “other”?

I got a massive electricity bill for last month ($2000!). I’m trying to figure out why. When I look at the device utilization for last month in Sense, it has two entries for “other”. One used 54% of the monthly electricity, the other used 8%. I thought Sense grouped everything it couldn’t identify under “other”. Why are there two others?

Can you post screenshot?

Strange, the first Other is using the Always On logo. I would go into Devices and look more closely at that first Other.

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Ok, yes, I seem to have two “Other” devices – one for always on, and one for not always on. But this isn’t normal behavior, right?

Seems like your Always On is mislabeled as Other for some reason. What does a screenshot of the Always On or Other in the Device list look like ?

Yes, you’re right - that’s it. I don’t have always on listed in the devices. It’s the other device that’s really the always on device. It’s a bug in the sense app. I didn’t rename always on to other, I don’t think you can even do that.

Does it look the same when you pull up your data in the desktop?

You’re right - you can’t rename it yourself. But if the icon is right, there’s a chance that it will behave like Always On in the device list (look for the Other with the two arrows in a circle icon). Always On is has a distinctly different Device entry vs. Other.

Bottom line - you should check in with about the mislabeling. But you want to find the cause of the 2000$ bill ASAP, you should probably start treating the cause as big Always On. One method, here:


@dpt, did you ever figure out the Always On that was eating all the power ?

Thanks for checking in. Coincidentally I was just looking at this. I was going around the house and flipping breakers. Unfortunately, many of our breakers aren’t labeled, so it’s hard to figure out what they go to. I was able to identify one big culprit - the pump for our pool. That’s using 1600 watts. Then I have something that Sense calls “AC 10”, that’s using 1200 watts. We don’t have any A/C on right now, but we have a large dehumidifier going, and I suspect that’s the culprit there. Seems like a lot of power for a dehumidifier though!

I also have a large aquarium with a lot of support systems (pumps, lights, …). That’s on a seperate breaker with its own Sense monitor, and that’s using 1300 watts.

So I have 4200 watts accounted for, of the 6700 watts we’re pulling right now.

I suppose the remaining 2500 watts could be explained by more normal things, refrigerators, etc.

Any thoughts or suggestions would still be appreciated!


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Maybe time to look at a screenshot of the details in your Always On. Mine looks like this and is a little high right now because I have two inflatable dragons on continuously in my front yard.