Lost my always on


i have the crappiest internet ever and occasionally have to power down the routers, etc to try to get things working again. sense doesn’t always wake up and i’ve learned to reset the breaker that powers it to get everything back to good.

of course with the severe weather we’re having this morning, i had to jump through the usual hoops, but this time, i’ve lost my always on bubble. I only had an other bubble, but then the heat pump kicked on and the other bubble popped off and i only have the heat pump bubble. …

is there anything i should do other than wait?


Wait, the Always On bubble occasionally disappears depending on recent history and current things running.


Agreed, when I had a significant internet outage, Always On disappeared till after a full 24 hour cycle.

However unless you have to recycle everything after you’ve had to reset your router, I’d leave the breaker alone and give Sense a couple of hours to show signs of life as we don’t know what its priorities are - playing catch up or displaying current data. If it doesn’t reconnect and you’re not having to recycle laptop, phone, printer etc. it’s time for a Tech Support ticket.

I have a number of internet outages due to my location, but have never had to do more than recycle my router, as a precaution before calling the service provider, and then waiting for him to fix his end, for Sense to reconnect.

This is of course separate from the multiple short data gaps that I and others have seen.

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I did reset the router first and Sense didn’t wake up, so then I powered it through. … didn’t wait more than about ten minutes though.

I have had other bubbles show up, so I’ll be patient about my always on.



24 hour rule for Always On.


Yes, it all came back the next day. Patience is not one of my virtues :slight_smile:

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