Amazon would like my data. For what?


I need to know why in order to make an informed decision. It’s a no for now. Generally these questions should be answerable.

  1. What is and isn’t being collected?
  2. Where or to who it is being sent?
  3. For what purposes is it being allowed to be used for and what will it not be used for?
  4. Is the party in #2 allowed to re-share it with other downstream parties?

edit The upload icon showed up on the PC browser so here we go.


I would like to know this, too. This appears to be unjustifiably intrusive since there isn’t any stated benefit to the user. I also noted there was no “no” option, just “not right now”. Is it going to keep nagging me? C’mon, Sense, this could be a deal-breaker. Did Amazon buy your soul?


At a minimum I’m curious if this is related to the Alexa plug-in or something more.


Where are you seeing this? Not when enabling the Alexa connected device?


In the Sense app when opening it today.


I’m going to make a wider post. Looks like a setting got turned on that shouldn’t have. It’s since been turned off. No data was actually getting shared with Amazon. If you see this, just hit Not Right Now and it will disappear.


Thanks. Please pass along the feedback for before attempt #2. :beers:


Closing this thread. Please see: Please Read: Amazon Data Sharing request

We’ll do a postmortem on this and work to prevent it in the future.

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