Data Sharing

Is this new? I’ve had Sense for a little over 6 months now and I just got this popup today saying my solar installer wants to have access to my Sense data.

For the most part, I think I’m okay with them seeing this data. The only one I’m a little concerned about is the device specific details. I found this help page on the Sense site about it. According to that page, they can see

Device metadata for all of your devices (i.e., device type, make, model, location, wattage, and what you named it)

I’m not sure that I like them being able to see such specific information about my devices. I know I can turn data sharing off completely, but I could see how my consumption and generation numbers would be interesting for my solar installer to know. Do they need to know (made up scenario) that there is a Samsung TV in the living room with a PS4, an XBox, a Switch connected to it and that in little Timmy’s bedroom there is a gaming PC. How do I know they are keeping this information safe?

Never knew this existed. Myself, I would pass since they are sharing device types. Aggregate production and consumption is fine, not details on devices.