Amp Meter Monitor

I would like to be able see the amps per phase/device as well as the wattage in the Sense Monitor.
Sometimes an amp reading shows more information it is going on a phase/device than a wattage reading.
This should be easy change to implement as the CT sensors signal are an input to the Sensor unit.



+1 here.

Curious what sampling rate you are wanting to see current at. I can see the value for interest on devices that use both sides of 120V, but don’t consume them equally by design, but beyond that I’m imagining health monitoring applications where the volts / amps phase relationship variation from normal is trying to tell you something. What application do you have in mind?

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The amperage per device would be great. I’d also suggest adding power factor.

I’d also like to see amps per leg (including neutral current) and power factor displayable in the “Sense Monitor” section in settings. This should be easy to implement since the data should already be available as part of the wattage calculation.


@schenkzoola, all,
My 2c. Sense has tons of voltage and current data per leg in a highly accurate per microsecond form. Much of the derivative data like power factor, real power, apparent power, etc. only really make any physical sense when you look at a full 60Hz cycle of data.

Right now, I would rather that Sense focus on identification, exporting data and integrations that give them access to better “ground truth” measurements with devices in our households.

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+1 Maybe make it an advance setting to add more details.

Watts / Amps per phase
Power Factor
Voltage per device (is it 120 device or a 240 device)
What phase is a device on?

Some of this information is deep in the settings but it would be nice to have the ability to have quicker access to it if you so wish.

I know this is not a high priority item, but it would be nice. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Sort of a “stats for nerds” function that lets us see additional data if we so choose. I’m not proposing adding extra significant dev time, just expose data that is already there behind the scenes.

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