Android bug - trends not updating?


Trends don’t update consistantly unless the app is swiped away and reloaded?

If I’m watching the daily usage it will go several hours without updating. I can swipe the app away and reopen and the data is there.


I’ve found the same. And it doesn’t matter too much, but trends don’t tend to update until about 10min after the hour.


Same issue here. Real-time seems to “stall” until you swipe the timeline “into the future” then it wakes up.


Mine does not always update. Has been like this for 7 months. Since installed.


Hey all,

Trends is not a real time view right now, so to get the latest usage trends, you do need to reload. In the future, automatic real time trend updates is something we’ll look at.


@BenAtSense, should the “now” option continue indefinitely? That’s the one that’s stopping for me, the live view of the entire system consumption.


Hey Dan,

I misunderstood. The ‘Now’ screen should not be stopping for you! Have you reached out to our support team ( about this? It could be a Wi-Fi connection issue or something else that they’ll be able to identify.


@BenAtSense, I may do that if it persists. It actually happens over LTE and multiple different WiFi networks, so I doubt it’s the WiFi per-se. It COULD be the phone, so I’ll keep an eye on it and try to replicated on a different device and let y’all know.

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