iOS App - Trends


The Trends view in my app…signal check has been complete for a number of weeks now. When will this screen update? Thanks!




Have you contacted support? This does not look normal, but its hard to comment as you don’t mention if you are getting data on your other screens or is it just the Trends tab that is not working. But in either case, is your best bet. They work normal biz hours, so I would get the ticket in ASAP so it gets into their queue.


Sorry for the late reply.

That definitely seems abnormal. Are you seeing any bubbles on your Now page or anything in the timeline?

You should submit a support ticket for sure as @ben suggested.


Thanks for the responses. Yes, I have bubbles (only 5 devices in the 2.5 weeks I have had it up and running) and the timeline. By the way, the ‘empty’ Trends view is seen both on my phone and iPad. So it is at least it is consistent :slight_smile:

I will open a support ticket - thanks.


I mentioned it to the software team and it’s a known issue that is getting patched soon. For now, if you log out and log back in again, it should fix it.


Thanks for the update. I had already tried a logout and login (as well as an app reinstall). Didn’t make any difference. Maybe I need to ensure that I am logged out on all devices before I login again? (I can’t try that at this time.)


Hmm. So you’re still totally locked out of Trends? Yeah, I would try logging out on all devices. Let me know what happens.


Thanks @RyanAtSense. Yah - no Trends view on my iPad or iPhone. I did try logging out of all devices and logging back in again - no luck, though. I have a ticket in but Support hasn’t figured it out either.