Missing trend data, device-level "times on" and "total time" read 0

Sense meter is still reporting and so are the bubbles, but have no timeline since Thursday. Did a sense power off reset and still have no timeline. Anyone else having this issue?

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I did not lose any trends or info that I can tell from my app.

I can confirm this problem exists. It seems similar to an issue we had back in January, but this time it’s worse (at least for me).

In January’s problem only a time range was affected. Now I can go back through all of my previous months and see 0 times on. My pictures show one of my most reliable detections - a refrigerator. The total usage and cost are always displayed, but times on and total time on are missing from my total history for all devices.

I’m not sure how long this has been happening for me. It may coincide with the latest Android update a few days ago. It’s also strange the Web App has not forgotten everything. If I select to show usage for the year, I see this.

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Kevin, Thanks for your reply. Both the web view on Windows 10 and the app on my Ipads and Iphone look the same, no data after Thursday. Here is a screenshot from the web app.

Getting the same issue in September. Times on and Total time on are 0.
I just wonder if this is all users or something just happening for a unlucky few. What’s weird is that that all my stat averages are still calculated.

Is everyone here still unable to see their trend data? It seems like there are two issues being reported in this thread:

  • Trend data is not visible starting on 8/20/20

  • Device-level “times on” and “total time on” metrics are both reporting 0 (this is an existing bug)

If you haven’t already, please write into support@sense.com to submit a ticket with which bug you’re experiencing so we can properly track it. Let me know if there’s a separate bug I didn’t include in the bulletpoints above.

OK, done. Sent a message to support as things are unchanged for me.

There may be a different bug with monthly reports not being sent out!!!

My Trend data issue was rectified after 2 conversations with support after filing a ticket. In fact all of my missing trend data (several weeks worth) magically reappeared after Sense resolved the issue. Was told the issue was on their end not with the Sense monitor.

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seems like this is still an issue ??
i have most of my devices not showing a time on/total time on. I also have 1 dip to 0 for a few minutes yesterday. no idea why. seems my data is a mess, missing information when the news tells me something was on, but the data for the device doesn’t update at all. ?? I also found a new device, light 1, under stats, it has a tic of information, per the day/week area under the device, it has never been on.

I sent a support ticket last Monday about other things, and never heard back, probably the holidays. I don’t have big expectations this week either.
feeling like its not off to a great start here. but I have another 30 days to return my clamps, and 60+ days to return the sense. if I do return the sense , i definitely will be choosing another option, because this is quite interesting.

Happy holidays, @joel.s.c14

I mentioned this on another post you shared, but this is a separate existing bug we recently tracked down and will be releasing a fix for in the coming weeks.

This happened to me initially with one of my native light detections. I gave the new device a few weeks, and once I didn’t see consistent usage I deleted it from my device list. The key was waiting several weeks to determine if the detection was accurate or not.

Can you link a screenshot of what data doesn’t update? I believe you’re referring to the device details page, with device-level usage data, but seeing a visual would be helpful.

Definitely the holidays, but I can check in on your Support ticket for you.

With all of the things I mentioned above, I’d caveat with the fact that for new detections (which you’ve been seeing since you’re a new user), patience is really key. A lot of the device-level insights issues I had with my detected devices worked themselves out after they ran more / turned on. KP-115 smart plugs and some Hue bulbs might be a solid option here if you’re looking for similar detection processes you experienced with hooking up your Dedicated Circuit flex sensors.

seems most of my device details, thats where the missing information is,
I have a kp-15 on order, might be here in the next few days.

here is an example of missing data, from my heater for a saltwater tank. I have included the controller output as well, for comparison.

seems my furnace and hot water heater was found, so sounds like I should move my direct sensors. i merged my furnace data, did not merge my water heater data. with it not merged, every time the water heater is on, the other bubble disappears, since its 4500w x2 hot water heater.

The missing data is certainly what I’d ask Support about. If you’re positive that the heater was on, it might be a partial detection, but Support will be able to clarify this in your ticket.

If not, reach out to me and I’ll send you a smart plug to keep on your heater for your saltwater tank.

Ah, so this definitely makes sense. Since Sense detected both of the devices you’re using with Dedicated Monitoring, if you haven’t completed the “What’s being monitored” steps under the Device details both will show up as duplicates because you haven’t told Sense what it’s found.

To complete the “what’s being monitored” , I included some screenshot examples below:

Step 1: Click the dedicated circuit device in your device list

Step 2: Click on ‘Manage’ under ‘Device Settings’

Step 3: Select the existing devices that Sense has detected that are part of your Dedicated Circuit Device - notice that for my fridge, I combined the freezer detection I had into the overall usage for the device.

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the heaters are monitored, as well as the tank temp buy the aquarium controller, so the heat definitely was on. You can see from my apex logs, the heater was on and off, the tank temp tracked the same, plus there are alarms and warnings that go off if the temp drifted. this equipment is not new and has been perfect for many many years.
if I join the clamps with what is discovered, like I did with one item, how do I separate it if I want to move the clamps ??
I would be more than happy to play around with a smart plug, for monitoring.

You won’t need to! After reinstalling the flex sensors on the new dedicated circuits your choose, you’ll just repeat and select the “new” devices that are being monitored. Your old devices won’t be impacted once you change the “What’s Being Monitored” fields.

The missing times on and total times on is a known bug. New device, Stats and graph don't match up

Joel - I wish I could afford an Apex. Is the missing data a regular occurrence? Does the missing data coincide with anything else? The reason I ask is I’m wondering is the Apex itself might create “noise” of sorts if something else on it may be on at the times your having issues.

Out of my 5 tanks Sense has only been able to detect 2 heaters and has been reporting them pretty accurate with the exception of what’s noted in the bug. I run them with simple temperature controllers (Finnex HC-0810M). All hooked to UPS surge ports (not battery backup ports). I do have a few smart plugs w/ energy monitoring (not Sense compatible) to control my sump lights & a powerhead. I don’t expect anything other than the heaters to ever be detected as nothing else ever really cycles on/off with the exception of the lights and they are all Led.

Justin - As far as a smart plug, I’m not sure that would be doable with an Apex. The Apex is what turns his heater outlet on/off by means of a temperature probe. Plugging the Apex itself into a smart plug could get confusing as the Apex can do so much more than simply control a heater. The data supplied would include more then just the heater. Apex systems can range from about $500 to a few thousand depending on expansions. They can automatically test your water parameters (chemical tests) and automatically dose the right amount of chemicals if your willing to pay for those expansions after winning the lottery. www.neptunesystems.com

the missing data is still happening, but not to the extent of that example. a few hours here and there for my heater. that is the only device it has found on my tanks so far, my 120 has a 500w finnex titanium tube with a separate controller(set a tic higher for redundancy) controlled my 1 apex. i also have a 300w eheim connected to a different outlet on my apex, for redundancy, and backup. the sense sees the 500w heater, it will add the 300w to the total heat, but not detect the 300w on its own.
my 58 has a 300w titanium tube, an inkbird controller set a tic higher, and the combination is controlled by a different apex. ( i have 2, one on each tank) this heater has never been found, but I thought once or twice i saw it under the 500w 120g heater.
return pumps, skimmers, power heads are on all the time, my powerheads are controlled tunze in both tanks, so those would be hard to find for sure. return pumps are eheim 1262 and similar. old trusty workhorse, Lighting i have led on 1 tank, the other is a 5 bulb t5 fixture. the led is a reefbreeders v2 48" so that would be tough for sure.
I would like more information, say from my heaters, to be able to determine if i do 1 deg swings, vs 0.5 swings, will my heaters be more efficient ?? or if i did 300w vs 500w as a primary in my 120, what is the cost difference for runtime. not sure how to do that… smart plug for the apex just for monitoring ??
(my apex are basic classic models, no trident, no dos, definitely didn’t drink all the Kool-Aid like some, lol. are they slick, sure, and convent. )

Interesting, Are both your tanks on the same circuit breaker or main legs?

I have 2 500w Finnex heaters on a Finnex controller in my 220 freshwater one set a bit higher then the other. The 2nd almost never goes on. Sense detects that as 433w average.

My 65 salt has 2 Eheim 150w heaters one in sump one in tank, hooked to another Finnex controller. Sense detects them as 287w average. Now I’m wondering why they are both going on at the same time as I thought I had one set higher. Going to have to check that to see if the temp for the heater itself is to low or it stuck on. If the later this would be a perfect example of why we use temperature controllers as aquarium heaters internals WILL fail at some point.

Sense has yet to detect my 75w Eheim on another Finnex in a 10gal I originally had set up as a quarantine that morphed into it’s own tank. Nor the other 75 with no controller on a 10gal pod/algae tank.
Nor the 300w also on a Finnex controller in my 55 freshwater tank. But that tank is on a different leg.

My old main return pump died so I had to hook up my backup while waiting for replacement which took over a month to arrive priority 3day during the holiday season. I also had an Inkbird (older) but it failed miserably setting off the alarm so I caught it quick. Left it in the tank w/o the heater attached and watched the temp bounce all over the place averaging 10-19 degrees to high. Hence why I now stick with Finnex.

I don’t expect Sense to ever discover anything 12v and especially not ramping led lights, or anything running on the backup side of a UPS. I use smart plugs for outage notifications as there is no way I’m running USB cords from the UPS’s all over the place to an always on computer. Sense might eventually detect you t5’s but who knows. Wonder if all the other equipment we have running alongside might just cause enough noise to hinder Sense. Mentioning that just turned on the lightbulb in my head. What about stray voltage?

looks like about 5 months now with this issue being reported.
Is there any update , seems the app has more of the data than the web portal

that hearer detection was working great till the end of December, then decided to add more of something to it, so it reports close to 600w when it is actually 370 or so. seems I won’t be able to use that for anything meaningful. not sure what to name or do with a bubble and device that is not correct. it combined 2? unrelated and still misses the turn on.


This bug has been prioritized for development but involves several different bugs and issues. As of now, I don’t have an update on a date that this will be fixed but will update this thread when a fix has been released.

This part of the question is probably better for a separate topic. It’s hard to say what’s happening here, but it looks like something turns on in the middle of your heater turning on. In order to group these two devices, Sense would most likely have to see this occurring several times (as in, something turning on that correlates with the heater turning on). Is there a fan that runs when the heaters on? Sense could be detecting them together. I’d post this to a separate post with a relevant title and I can transfer this comment over to the new thread.