Missing trend data, device-level "times on" and "total time" read 0

Sense meter is still reporting and so are the bubbles, but have no timeline since Thursday. Did a sense power off reset and still have no timeline. Anyone else having this issue?

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I did not lose any trends or info that I can tell from my app.

I can confirm this problem exists. It seems similar to an issue we had back in January, but this time it’s worse (at least for me).

In January’s problem only a time range was affected. Now I can go back through all of my previous months and see 0 times on. My pictures show one of my most reliable detections - a refrigerator. The total usage and cost are always displayed, but times on and total time on are missing from my total history for all devices.

I’m not sure how long this has been happening for me. It may coincide with the latest Android update a few days ago. It’s also strange the Web App has not forgotten everything. If I select to show usage for the year, I see this.

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Kevin, Thanks for your reply. Both the web view on Windows 10 and the app on my Ipads and Iphone look the same, no data after Thursday. Here is a screenshot from the web app.

Getting the same issue in September. Times on and Total time on are 0.
I just wonder if this is all users or something just happening for a unlucky few. What’s weird is that that all my stat averages are still calculated.

Is everyone here still unable to see their trend data? It seems like there are two issues being reported in this thread:

  • Trend data is not visible starting on 8/20/20

  • Device-level “times on” and “total time on” metrics are both reporting 0 (this is an existing bug)

If you haven’t already, please write into support@sense.com to submit a ticket with which bug you’re experiencing so we can properly track it. Let me know if there’s a separate bug I didn’t include in the bulletpoints above.

OK, done. Sent a message to support as things are unchanged for me.

There may be a different bug with monthly reports not being sent out!!!

My Trend data issue was rectified after 2 conversations with support after filing a ticket. In fact all of my missing trend data (several weeks worth) magically reappeared after Sense resolved the issue. Was told the issue was on their end not with the Sense monitor.

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