New device, Stats and graph don't match up

Sense detected a new device today labeled “Pump”.
Stats show:
Estimated kWh/year 1.6 kWh
Average usage 589w
Average times on/month 120x
Average run time 3s

Graph reads:
Today - 0Kwh, 11s time on, 3x total times on. Nothing on actual graph.
This Week - 0kWh, 0s time on, 0x total times on. Nothing on graph.
This Month - .1 kW, 0s time on, 0x total times on. Tiny bar on graph for Dec 1st and Dec 2nd showing 0.0kWh.
2020 - .1kWh 13m 59s Time on, 221x total times on. Only thing on graph shows .1Kwh for December.

Any idea why Sense is reporting it like this? A bug?
The pump itself could be a number of things.

Looking closer, it appears this is simply another bug with the web app. Every single device is reporting incorrectly.

My furnace for example:

Some devices list the total for the “Bill” some show for the “year”
It’s all over the place on how things are bring reported with no consistency whatsoever.

However with Furnace. Bill shows time on and total times on.

Looking into this - if you haven’t already, can you submit this issue to so we can track this issue?

I sent feedback through the web app. Should I still send an E-mail?

Nope. This triggers a support ticket for the issue, which logs it for us. Thank you @obscuredtrip!

Thanks Justin.
Devices are reporting the same way with the APP too.
I’m using using Furnace as the example, as it’s a major device that has consistently been detected on/off accurately. But the issue is with every device.

Quick update: this is actually an existing bug that we’re tracking/aware of. Do you mind sharing the:

Device you’re experiencing the issue with: (all devices, mobile, web, etc.)
Sense app version number:

All devices, all platforms.
Cell: Samsung S9, Sense app version 33.2-e53b9f87 build 1202
Web using newer computer w/ win10. shows Version 12.0
Sense monitor is showing version 1.32.2936-19d4cd36-master

Oddly my “coffee maker” is now reporting time on and total times on, for all time periods. No other device is.
Only in web platform. Cell still shows 0x 0s.

Anything else i can do to help let me know.

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my data is also a mess, similar situation.
all devices, 2 android, and web
monitor Version 1.32.2936-19d4cd36-master

submitted a thing through the app, under contact.


Wanted to update from my end. The mobile app appears to be displaying properly now. The Web App is till having the same issues.

Also do you have any idea if Sense ever intends on including the power meter at the device level in the Web App?
Back in early 2018 Brad had said it would be coming soon and you have hinted at it a few times since. Shouldn’t be that difficult to incorporate as it’s right there in the mobile app. Would be useful to be able to view it on a bigger screen, especially with my eyesight.