Devices - Zero Times On

Noticed since the start of 2020, all my devices have zero Times on and zero Total time on (iPhone app). Anybody else have this issue? Rebooting device didn’t help or re-installing app didn’t help either.


Thanks for sharing, @niekkol. If you reach out to we can take a deeper look at this.

I can confirm that there is a similar problem with the Android version of the app. This happens on my tablet and phone. I almost posted about it, but decided to wait. Sense is DEFINITELY seeing the device as shown in my Power Meter.

My IOS device too.

Same problem here.

I went back in my usage history. The last days Sense was somewhat accurate was 12/15 with 18X on at 9h 58m. Dropping off on 12/16 to 10X on 5h 21m. REALLY dropping off on 12/17 to 1X 29m 27s.

The straight 0X on with 0s on started on 12/20 and has pretty much remained that way since. There are two days in between Sense said 3X on and 1X on otherwise it’s been 0X.

I thought this might coincide with an app update, but the most recent one was about seven days ago.

re-reviewing last months info, seems my data started to zero on 12/17/19. feedback from sense support is that its a known issue.

I have the same issue since late August. Supports knows there’s an issue but can’t seem to fix it. I check every couple of weeks and get the same response.

AC came on 4 times today.

Please follow this thread for updates.

Checking my furnace device I see that the last day with correct Times on and Total time on was December 19, 2019. Starting December 20 I have Times on 0x and Total time on 0s. Sometimes after December 20 I get a day with 3x on 8m Total time on

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The problem may have been corrected sometime around 12:00 PST yesterday. Sense is starting to display more realistic numbers. So far today’s totals seem right on!

Maybe I spoke a bit too soon. There’s a bit of weirdness in total usage and total estimated cost when comparing both days… I will have to see today’s total numbers tomorrow.