More Sense Data Weirdness - Times Off/On - Time On

I’ve posted about this previously, but it seems to continue with no end in sight.

Now on Software v1.38.3758-51ca798b-Master

It appears Sense determined you Wine Dispenser turned on yesterday (actual yesterday) at 4:25pm and has been on since.
Times on and total time on only reflects the current day. So if Sense thinks it has been on since yesterday (actual yesterday) that is correct. I suspect if Sense missed some of the signatures and auto timed out, it would also reflect 0 but who knows.
I assume it works like this: On signature = clock starts ticking. Off signature = clock stops ticking, reports total time on, +1 times on. Time 0:00 = reset times on, total time on.

Though it is hard to tell if the ‘yesterday’ showing on the graph is actually yesterday 11/23 or yesterdays today 11/24.

Be sure to fill out a ticket regarding today displaying as yesterday issue if you have not already. Sense is aware of this issue effecting all users but the lack of individual tickets appears to place this issue very low on their to do list.

Considering how slow they are to correct errors such as this and the Power Quality issue, I am about convinced they have no coders on staff and everything is farmed out when they get around to it.

(Or this one from 18 months ago)

Sure doesn’t stop them from pitching deals on the net though.

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