Bring Back Realtime Device Time On / Time Off Measurements - per screenshot from Jeff

Forgive me if this has been discussed but under individual devices I believe there used to be right under the watts being using was a time indicator indicating how long the device had currently been running or turned on for (while on). Did Sense get rid of that in an update? I am using Android 14, Pixel 7 Pro.


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Yes, there was an update which got rid of that indicator.

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Thanks for the reply Jeff… So there is no way to tell how long a specific device has been on for? That really was a nice feature to see the current time counting up for how long a device has been on for. It was a great indicator if a device was running longer than you expected. For example my digital thermostat went bad for my HVAC and when the Furnace kept on running longer than it should have I could see that trend and it helped me to diagnose what was going on.

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I’m seeing a difference between device summaries in the iOS app and the web app for a Sense AI-detected device, my Kitchen Coffee Maker (Nespresso). iOS still includes time on for specific periods. Web app does not - offers averages. App version 53.0-f7dcce78a - are you guys seeing the same or different ??

iOS App

Web App

Yes, Kevin, my views look like yours. The web app shows a Stats section by default, while the IOS app requires you to click into the Stats view via a button at the bottom. Yet I think the concern of the opening post is for a different number than what is available in the Stats section, and also different from what is available in the Usage section.

The value of interest is the difference between current system time and the last change of state. That is, if the device is currently on, how long has it been on? Or if the device is currently off, how long has it been off? As it currently stands, one has to look at the first entry under Timeline then do mental math with the current time to see how long it has been on or off. That mental math is limited to whole minutes, as seconds are not displayed under Timeline. Seconds used to be displayed in the Time On value, as posted in the screen shot below.


Please bring this back. It’s such a pain not knowing how long a device has been on or off unless you scroll down to timeline and then do the mental math. Much easier before.


Hi @lane03 Thanks for your feedback,

I would direct here to this link which goes right to the product team. Please feel free to link the community thread: They like to hear direct user stories.

Feedback here:

Thanks again

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Done. Hopefully others will do the same.


@lane03 Thank you!