Add “how long on” to device list

Hi folks, I’d like to suggest adding the current “up time” next to the name of the currently ON devices, to the left of the current wattage; see picture.

I think it would be beneficial at a glance to see how long the device has been on (I don’t know how long the water heater was on, I’d have to go back and look at the power meter).

And maybe add how long the off devices have been off in the same place for those devices…? Not sure if that would add too much clutter, and I know you can see how long it was since the device was last seen on the device page.


I suppose the other way to view the Devices list might be:

  • Devices: current wattage (existing display)
  • Devices: total watt hours this cycle (?)
  • Devices: time on this cycle

Doesn’t have to end there if the display is modal vs trying to show all the data at once.