Duration of devices been on?


First, i am very sorry if this already has been addressed, existing and I am not seeing it.

I would like to know how long (discovered) devices have been running. For example Sense found the blower motor on both my boilers (Beckett oil burners). Nice. I can go into “Devices”, click on the burner motor, and click on a graph on any of the (day) columns and a balloon pops up with “Date”, "Usage: and “Total Usage”, but… no duration. Can this be added? I can certainly divide kwh by device consumption and obtain run times, but it would be useful if Sense tells me outright how long particular device ran for each day.

Thank you


I think this is what you’re looking for here.


Thank you. I saw that. But this is just for today/this week/month/year.

I would like to be able to see what it was yesterday, the day before, etc. The GUI provides in a very nice form (pop up balloon over the columns in the graph) the usage and $, but no duration. I know the duration info is in there, they just need to display it…


I see. Currently I think you’re stuck doing the math in your head while looking at the daily usage balloons.

Alternatively, you could use the data export feature at home.sense.com along with some excel trickery to get your hourly or daily runtime.


Not even Excel trickery - just typical use of Pivot Tables…