Add "ON" time to data export

Would it be possible to add a column to the spreadsheet export for “device on time” within the window (hour or day)?

I’ve been using the spreadsheet to calculate power usage for multiple people to make it more fair.
(I’m a power hog so it’s mostly to make sure I pay my fair share)

I would like to start modeling oil burn rates and well pump usage (for lifespan prediction, septic estimates and water filter life estimation)

I’m pulling the data from the sense app currently.

Just wanted to throw this out there.

Depending upon what you mean in terms of, I assume, your boiler “on time”, I’m not sure that’s going to give you what you want unless Sense is accurately tracking your individual boiler components. I’m using smart thermostat data (Nest) for that. You may have seen I’m using a Sense DCM to monitor my (whole) boiler circuit here: