Illogical Usage Trends

I am wondering if anyone can help shed some light on these plots:

I have a newly discovered device “Heat 4” that I am trying to identify. Where I am confused is that on Monday the 16, the device seems to have drawn a solid 1.5 kW all day long, but if I look at my total usage graph for the same day, the daytime usage was about 0.1-0.2 kW through the day.

Any suggestions?

i get devices detected like this ocassionally. usually they were used one or 2 days 3 months ago. i let them go, and then eventually delete them. free up the data for Sense to use for something else.

I will say that a few days, sense decided I had a second AC and the addition of it with my real AC and everything else running did not add up to the sum of power currently being used. So you could be having the same error. I ended up deleting both ACs and letting Sense redetect it. took one day for Sense to redetect the AC, lol.

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