Kwh usage not matching what the utility is reporting


I just installed my sense last Thursday. I checked a few days of reported usage by sense and what my utility says I am using. An example is one day, sense reported that it detected 22.5 kWh used. My utility reported that 27 kWh were used on the same day. Is this a normal discrepancy or do I have something hooked up wrong?

Sense should be a lot more accurate than that. Only caution is what Sense and your utility are using as a day change-over time. I don’t know the answer to that.

Recommend shooting an e-mail to with your problem. They can check / adjust the calibration remotely if necessary. Expect a response within 48 hrs max. Sense has a great support team


Thanks! I will email them and see what they say.

Plus one on @dave_n_s suggestion to reach out to support, they can look a lot more closely. Was it only one day that had this discrepancy? Sometimes this is caused by connectivity issues, which the support team can help with, but they can also identify if something might be miscalibrated as well.

Sorry for the troubles!

No worries. It has been 2 days, but I will have more information tomorrow as ComEd is delayed a few days from posting their numbers on the website.

Sense support was very helpful. They said that one of the clamps was not fully clamped which could be caused by the panel cover pushing on it…sure enough I think that was the issue when I took the panel cover off. Now that I have moved the clamp and reset the sense, it seems to be giving more detailed readings. I wil know in a few days if it is more accurate, but I think it will be.


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