Android Tasker app plugin

I use Tasker on Android for automating a ton of things. I know Sense supports IFTTT, but with the relatively recent IFTTT limitations, it’s not that attractive of an option. IFTTT is also very limited compared to Tasker when it comes to customizing triggers and actions.

Currently, the Sense app can send notifications for some things and Tasker can use those to trigger actions, but it’s not as comprehensive as it could be. If there were a Tasker plugin for Sense, then people could have triggers like “if I leave the house and the oven is on, sound an alarm on my phone”. Ideally, the Tasker plugin would expose as much Sense data as is practical.

I could be missing something obvious, though – has anyone integrated Sense with Tasker in any way?

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Sense has great potential in smart homes, and your example is a good one. However, since the only integration is with IFTTT and they have recently imposed a 3 applet limit for free accounts, it’s become an almost worthless integration. Applets published by the service though do not count towards your limit. Plus… the IFTTT triggers are really slow in my experience for Sense.

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