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In some of my devices I have a field to adjust sensor threshold for on/off/standby. Previously, I read chatter about making such adjustments. I do not see how to adjust that in some devices, and hope someone can guide me. Example: Coffee Maker. Typically, this is on for 11 Minutes, but notifications show it on/off several times as the heating element is cycled. I would like to adjust the off threshold to support the duty cycle of the coffee maker, thus reported on once and off after inactivity exceeding 15 Seconds.

I have several devices that fall into this signal type. The Well pump has an approximate duty cycle of 1 minute on, 5 minutes rest/off, Even the microwave. This could increase the efficiency of the notifications. Also:, speaking about notifications… Does anyone know how to download the log so that it can be read on the computer in better format?

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I have only seen the threshold adjustment for the smart plugs. For timed notifications and to auto pull all the data I would suggest using IFTTT (IF This, Then That) which can be found with in your sense app, my home/ connected / IFTTT. I think you can export data with the web app but not 100% sure.

IFTTT is really cool and lets you use other other hubs/ devices / apps to be triggered by another… such as if your dryer finishes a cycle, you can have it flash your lamp 3 times that’s controlled by hue.

I would be interested in learning more (IFTTT). So… is the version of IFTTT you mention part of Sense or is it an add-on? How is it integrated, etc?
Do you have a link of what I need to download and maybe a sample script?

It’s much easier than that. Just download the app or goto the website, type in the things you would like to integrate with, select a pre made “applet” or make your own. For instance… if you have a Fitbit and a smart thermostat. You can have it turn the temp down by -2 when you fall asleep, by selecting the Fitbit applet and authorize Fitbit and ecobee.

I know you mean well… I am just not that knowledgeable in the “Apps” thing. Are you saying to search for an apple app and load it to the phone or is it an Amazon Alexa type integration. A link to anything would be a start for me to start reading. To put it simple, it took me over a week to find this chat thingie, and I still do not have a clue on it’s navigation.

Just download it to your phone. When you open it, there is a “create account”. Then up at the top is a search box. Type sense up there and there will be a “connect” box up top.

IOS: IFTT - Automation & Workflow?
Will this be able to get data to my computer (Large Screen)?

Interesting… Software requires IOS 13 and my device says it is up to date at IOS 12.5.5 :frowning: Figures… Thanks for your help though… I will keep reading and attempt to figure things out. Unfortunately, I am the old dog trying to learn new tricks.

I made an account on

Am in the right place, doing the right thing(s)

Also if you are just wanting to pull data from sense to map or look at on a PC. You can log into sense’s web app, click on trends … then there is an export option. It exports a cvs file . The button is kinda hidden

Thanks. I have used the download and to date that has been the best of help. Problem is, you can not correlate when a device triggers to actual usage because the device is random and only on for 30 seconds or so… I am using (Moving) Kasa KP115 and add on sensors to try and pinpoint anything, but I am striking out. Even if I could simply download / redirect the notifications log would be a step in the right direction.
HEY!!! Thank you for your guidance. I installed IFTTT on the PC, I see Sense as a trigger - I just have to find something on the output I know…
LOL: When Sense X triggers, order dominoes pizza
Either way, I must agree, the app has potential :slight_smile: