Power "surge" notification. and manually label pieces of data


I’ve pretty much given up on device detection. It worked until it stopped. That’s ok though, I understand enough about the technology to not feel like it needs complaining about. I’m just still waiting for a feature that allows me to go in and select data, and assign it to a device myself.

or how about a feature that just notifies me when it detects that something using a certain power range has turned on/off (looking at the running power 1 second after it starts rather than the initial spike of course).

I mean my home should be the ideal for it. new clean wiring. the house is small and simple. i live alone and live conservatively. so there aren’t often more than one or two devices running at a time. (by devices I mean the kind that are detectable. motors, heaters, as opposed to television and computers, etc.) and it just isn’t going to work. but it could at least give me notifications when it detects that something has turned on, even if it has no possible way of identifying that something. “Sense just detected an increase in power usage that usually means a device has turned on.”


These sorts of triggers could be done with a service like IFTTT, but we would need to ask Sense to increase IFTTT integration beyond what it currently includes.

It may be worthwhile to let the Sense team know - the topic of better IFTTT integration (including this exact scenario you are looking at) has come up as a request before (see this thread) so it may be worth pulling it up and adding your voice to the request. :wink:

Personally, I would love to see it myself as I use IFTTT for a ton of things.


I know. I’ve been asking for this since I joined last February. I feel like I was told last summer that what I wanted was in the works… I’m just posting a reminder. Though I don’t think IFTTT should be necessary for what I desire.

I see you are a community moderator. do you work for Sense?


I do not, just a regular Sense customer like yourself who has offered (along with several others) to help out keeping the forum neat and tidy, that’s all.

My opinions are solely my own, I don’t speak for Sense. :slight_smile: