IFTTT trigger for consumption threshold

I’ve just started exploring IFTTT. I like the on/off triggers, but what I’d really like to see if a way to trigger if overall consumption goes over a specified kW value.

One use case: load shedding. I’d like a trigger that says “if consumption > 10 kW, then cut power to the water heater using Z-ware”. Is something like that even possible?


I would like to have a trigger that says if my solar is > my usage for 5 minutes then turn on the dehumidifier in the basement. I get the most advantage of my solar if I can use my solar when it is created instead of sending it back into the grid and then pulling it back later.


exactly… if my generation is 1000w more than use turn on x smart plug or something… that way its 100% auto use and im my case 100% free.


I don’t have solar, yet. But this alert would have me evaluate the activity in my home.
Fun fact: I’m so tempted to put the TV on a room occupancy sensor. Lol.

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