Different triggers for IFTTT

Currently he triggers for IFTTT rely on devices turning on and off. It would be nice to have options about wattage used and produced. For example if I have consumed over 5Kw/hr today, then do something, if I have produced X KW/h this week then do something.


Thanks for the suggestion. We plan to add additional IFTTT triggers at some point and we’ll keep these in mind.

Out of curiosity, what are some scenarios that you think these specific triggers would be useful for?

In my mind, it’d have to be something targeted for the short term, at least the integrations I’m imagining.

“if I make x amount of power, turn thermostat to y setting (more or less conservative depending on production)”

“if I make x amount of power, send me a reminder to do laundry/dishes on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.”

Let’s see if @webcool has other ideas…


I really like this idea. Specifically for a thermostat.
It would be great to have the thermostat temperature change after it hits a certain point during the day. Or another way of looking at it, have a limitation of energy usage before it changes temperature or turns the system off.

Another idea would be to set a parimeter for any specific device, for example: if a motor is operating outside of its normal operating condition, Sense could turn the device off to possibly prevent damage. This could include items plugged into a wifi enabled outlet or the like.
The key to this would be notifications that a device has been turned of or disabled.