Can we get a new smartplug related IFTTT trigger?


Now that we have the smartplug integration I would like to be able to set up some IFTTT triggers based on “idle” (or not) status of my smartplugs.

I can think of a multitude of home automation things I would like to Institute based on a smart plug changing to or from Idle status in Sense.

Hoping that this is something that could be possible.


Wouldn’t that be the same as getting a notification of a device turning on or off? I have a simple 750W space heater on a smart plug. When The mechanical thermostat of the heater turns off the heat, I could have an IFTTT alerr sent to me when it turned off… smart plug would be in idle state until i get an alert that the heater turned on. But on a soft touch power switch, like an old TV that may still draw 5W in the off position, would that still be considered idle to you?


Idle and “off” can be very different.

My servers and entertainment smartplug settles into “idle” at around 75W as that’s the lowest it ever goes. It spikes up to 300+ when the TV and such is on and I’d like to be able to trigger things based on that…IE, when someone turns off the TV, turn off other lights in the room (as we are almost always leaving the room when the TV gets turned off, for example) etc.

There are other applications I can think of, IE when one of us gets home and plugs in our EV’s (taking a HS110 out of idle state) to turn on our front path and interior house lights etc.


I see.
The pic i attached is smappee’s IFTTT. I do agree that they are ahead of Sense on IFTTT…
BUT, Q: how reliable would this be?
A: It would certainly require a smart plug, as you’re suggesting, because some of my 240v heating products vary in power and some of the stages of power are identified as “Other”.

Smappee has triggers AND actions. When I get Solar, THESE are features I’ll be itching for ASAP.


Also, I meant to say I find the Smappee IFTTT Actions to be very curious. Turn a plug on or off?
I don’t know the Smappee product and plugs. We wouldn’t need these Actions supported by Sense since we could call on TP-Link Kasa smart plug Actions.
Imma still liking their triggers, though. lol


I’d like to use my DVR schedule to power up/down my comcast box, +10 minutes via IFTTT. This way I could minimize the on time of the box.


Check to see if your DVR is IFTT COMPATIBLE… then a TP-LINK KASA HS110 plug could do that since it’s ITTF compatible.


Thanks @MachoDrone – I guess now that you say it, it makes sense. I bet that will work!