Announcing Alexa Integration: iOS v1.11.0, Android v1.8.0



Not sure this is working. Tried setting it up on my iPhone8. I can enable the skill but when I chose link account I just get the sense page with no ability to login (even if I drill down into the link hamburger). I reset my phone too.


Thanks for letting us know @willowdog. When we released the web app, the log in functionality on the mobile website changed a little. We’re working on getting that fixed now and should have it working properly again later today. Sorry about that.


No worries. I’m a developer so I get how even simple interface changes can and do ripple. Probably, and ‘Oh, we refactored the code but that didn’t refactor’. Best.


It’s nice that I can ask “is my garage door open?” It would be nicer if the answer was correct :wink:

Also, when I ask ‘when did my garage door close?’ the answer from Alexa differs from the app’s “Off for…” status.