Echo and google home power

Seems sense integrates with amazons echos and the google version. Why not show their power usage? Sure it’s small but every small thing adds up.

It would have to be part of the Always On don’t you think?

Yeah, and that kinda makes sense. Sense should be able to to discover what devices are on the network via NDI and attribute an always on load to them. Google home -1w, Alexa -1w.

Having idle data from smart plugs gives them more information, and possibly more incentive to break down always on in this way.

It would be cool to see the always on bubble as a pie chart…

Example: 2% Google homes (via NDI), 25% “plug 1” idle. 50% other. This could also clean up the idle bubbles on the ui for those of us with smartplugs.

Yeah I understand they are always on, but I still want to know what my always on is composed of!

As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, we’re in the process of doing some major Always On re-thinking. Smart plugs and other integrations (and your feedback on this forum!) have really given us some cause to take another look at how Always On works. I can’t say much more now, but trust that we’re working to improve it.


I have 7 Google Home devices (soon to be 11) :slight_smile:
1x Google Home Hub (soon to be 2),
1x Google Home,
5 x Google Home Mini (soon to be 8).

So yeah it’d be nice if I could see how much they all use :slight_smile:

Yeah, I get it. I have 4 Echo devices of varying versions. Now you’ve got me curious though…think I’ll throw a smart plug on my Echo Dot when I get home.

sense’s motto should be (unofficially) “No Watt Left Behind”. =P perhaps even the signature from these known devices, since you integrate with them, could be factored out f the always on to increase the development’s analysis of the leftovers :wink:

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I have Sense with Solar and I also use Amazon Echo devices. I would like to ask Alexa for a summary of my use/generation (want to know if I was in the positive or negative) for Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year.

e.g. Alexa, ask Sense for my Monthly (or other time period) trends summary.

It would then tell me that I used 89.2 kWh and I generated 103.4 kWh for a positive 14.2 kWh of power generation over the last 30 day’s.