Home-Assistant Local Sense Integration

Similar to the Smartthings integration, it would be great for those of us using HomeAssistant to be able to locally connect that to sense for device updates. I would also welcome sending the data out to a Sense API instead of connecting locally to the monitor itself.



Thanks for sending this but that is one way out of sense to Home Assistant. I’m asking Sense to receive data from Home Assistant for when devices are triggered on.

If Home Assistant can tell sense I’ve turned on X light it’s another truth about what device turned on and when.

Ahh, gotcha! That would be cool, didn’t realize they do this with SmartThings. It seems like it could cause a lot of complication if there are devices linked to Home Assistant and directly to Sense. Relying on users to not create that situation isn’t practical and could throw off their data collection - they’d almost need to disable other Sense integrations if Home Assistant were added.

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