Only 1 device not reporting to home assistant from sense?

Anyone had this happen? And find a fix for it?

All of my devices are reporting to my new home assistant build… Except 1 (Heat pump). It shows up under binary and as usage. Both show the device is off with zero wattage but sense app/web both show the heat pump was on. This is the only device that isnt showing up.


Here’s a thought - not all devices that Sense detects become “instant detections” where the device shows up immediately in the bubble. I notice this for my EV charging. I’m not sure how long the posting delays can be, but I have seen situations where my EV charging showed up several hours later in the Timeline and hourly Trends. One shortcoming of the Sense integration is that it only reports the data at the polling point in time and doesn’t backfill. So if Sense post-updates after all the usage has already happened, then Home Assistant will never see it.

I think we’re going to see more of this kind of update with progressive detections.

ps: there are other time issues in aligning Home Assistant data vs. Sense, mostly spurred by the fact that Home Assistant is regularly polling instead of being event/transaction driven.

Make sense. I didnt think about that. I did realize if I lost WAN connection that I would have a gap in the Home Assistant cloud collected data. I just think think about sense detecting the device after the fact.