Integrating Sense in Home Automation - What Options are out there?

I realize that, with the lack of an official/supported API, the title task could be a bit difficult. Nonetheless, there are few HA (Home Automation) solutions out there that warrant further looking into this.

Of the few options out there (at least those I’m aware of) OpenHab seems very promising. It is open-source, completely run by volunteers (for now) and seems very capable. One of its main desired features is that it can run in private mode i.e., totally independent of any corporate cloud. The biggest hiccup is that it almost requires a degree in Computer Science to configure/run/etc …

Hence, the following questions:

  1. What other options are out there?
  2. What has been your experience with them so far?
  3. Do you run Sense as Stand-Alone or back-end to some other HA Integration ?

Thoughts/Comments ?

offers The options I’m aware of are: Google/Alexa/Hubitat/

IFTTT is an option.

The triggers specific to Sense are fairly limited, but do have automation possibilities for sure.

IFTTT runs “off the Internet”, not local.

I run Sense with HomeAssisstant. It’s a bit easier than OpenHab to configure and the Sense integration is one of the easier ones to install.

The down side is that all Sense home automation options require connecting to the Sense servers rather than locally

Thank you @enbickar. I have a bit of experience with openhab, but I agree it’s a real uphill learning curve. The nice thing is that there is no need to connect to any cloud, and there are ways to flash firmwares on many smart devices, to force them to use a local home network. Though, with Sense, as you mentioned, one has to connect to a cloud anyway. I’ll try HomeAssistant, I hope it can run on a Raspberry PI. Maybe a project for the upcoming holidays. Cheers.

I ran HomeAssistant on a raspberry pi for years before I upgraded to something I could also run a media server on. It’s also completely local and it’s one of the fasted growing projects out there